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Solving Pandemic Problems: The Great Dance Teacher Shortage

What can Twinkle Star Dance do for dance studio owners in the midst of a global health and socioeconomic crisis?

Enter The Great Dance Teacher Shortage

Does any of the following sound familiar to you?

  • Teacher asks to cut down their class hours because they took a second job.

  • Teacher asks to cut down their hours because they are going back to school.

  • Teacher sends in their resignation letter via email three hours before their class.

  • Teacher asks to only teach online classes, but you only have in person teaching positions available.

  • You post dance teacher job listings, but aren’t getting any qualified candidates.

  • You reach out to local universities, but aren’t getting any qualified leads.

If you are facing “The Great Dance Teacher Shortage” like we are at our studios, you simply can't find new dance teachers. The good news is you are not alone and with the right system in place you can train new teachers - including student teachers - to continue to keep your dance studio business afloat.

Our proven video-based Twinkle Stars and Showstars curriculum and teacher training system allows you to train Teen/Senior dancers during “The Great Dance Teacher Shortage” without adding extra work to your busy schedule.

Over 300 affiliated studio owners put Twinkle Star Dance into practice in their business and here is what some of them have to say:

“I love Twinkle Star dance because it gets my instructors all on the same page and is also a great go to place for quick class ideas. I am also very very grateful for the support, the ideas, and the subscriber calls with Tiffany. These have helped me run my business through this incredibly difficult time. Tiffany is incredibly generous with all of her ideas as well just completely real about what she is going through and to be with others going through the same thing, it is so helpful. I will be a Twinkle Subscriber for life after all the pandemic support that I have received. Thank you so much!”

Jennifer Aversa, Dance Connections

“Our classes for our youngest dancers were always very good and creative. Twinkle Star helped us get organized with additional material for class, especially the monthly lesson plans and the holiday material. The presentation of the classwork has improved so much on this program! The support of this group under the leadership of Tiffany and Amanda has been incredible during the pandemic!”

Marie Kasuska, Raise the Barre

“We love Twinkle Stars curriculum and the videos work great for my busy staff. I have seen so much progress with my younger dancers now that we are consistent with each level. All the teachers are now teaching the same material and they are ready to move up the following year. We also love the dress code, prop box and the monthly "speciality" dances. Thank you Tiffany and Amanda for all that you do to make Twinkle Star stand out and be the best curriculum for young dancers.”

Terri Sinani, Next Step Dance Studio

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