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  • Amanda Scott

Solving Pandemic Problems: Recitals and Show Profits

In a typical season at our dance studios we announce our Recital themes and measure for costumes in October; we continue to sign new students up on a case-by-case basis until we close enrollment in February; dancers perform in the Recital early-Mid June and our season ends June 30.

As of today we have yet to announce our Recital themes or dates for 2021.

Because of Covid-19 our theaters are not allowing rentals until July 2021 so we are looking at pushing our recital to late July/early August. For Plan B, we have outside venues. For Plan C we have in studio filming and a virtual performance (much like we did for our Holiday shows).

In talking with Twinkle Star Dance studio owners each week I know I am not alone when it comes to getting creative with Recitals this year.

Recitals are an important revenue stream for our business as well as a tangible goal for our dancers and staff to work towards each season. Keep in mind with increased Covid-19 precautions like limited capacity (including performers) we will have to consider our expenses and how to cut costs to produce our shows.

Three quick cost saving Recital tips:

  1. Cut down on Recital expense and/or use your studio as a low cost alternative.

  2. Combining classes for Recital or performance experience will allow you to maximize expensive theater cost.

  3. Use Twinkle Star Dance choreography to cut down on back and forth (your valuable time and energy) with your teachers.

Over 300 affiliated studio owners put Twinkle Star Dance into practice in their business and here is what some of them have to say:

“We have not done a holiday show in years. With enrollment down we needed to bring in more income. By using Twinkle Star Dance we assigned each age group a dance and all the teachers are able to teach the same choreography, allowing us to easily combine classes for our show.”

Carolyn Coskren, Dance Inspirations

“Ms Devyn loves the twinkle star and show stars curriculum, it helps her so much in preparing confidently for her littles and level 1 and 2 classes. She appreciates both the documents and the video choreography that is so helpful and time saving for her in putting together as many classes as she needs to prepare through the week.! It’s a plus that the program is so put together and easy to utilize. Also our parents appreciate knowing that the dance curriculum our studio uses is quality instruction and in progression for each students ongoing dance education.”

Tanya Kimber, Apologia Dance & Martial Arts

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