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Ready to hire, train, and manage new staff?


Lillian Steinle shares her unique approach to hiring, training, and managing Millennials and Gen Z in the new normal. Plus, how she and her staff create a family atmosphere that extends to their clients.

About Lillian Steinle

Lillian Steinle is the Regional General Manager of the Campo Di Bocce restaurant locations. Her philosophy in managing these fast paced, high volume facilities is using a hands-on approach to develop a fun and successful team. 

Lillian has over thirty years of experience as a restaurant general manager, she has managed at family owned and corporate restaurants, as well as opening larger hotels for Marriott and Hilton. In 2007, she moved to then-recently opened Campo Di Bocce of Livermore. Her dedication and care have helped the unique, ambitious restaurant flourish since its inception.

She is an active member of the California Restaurant Association and many local city organizations to improve the Livermore area for local businesses.

Her consistent hard work and display of respect and care in her position have garnered her great admiration among her peers and staff who, under Lillian’s leadership, truly feel as though they are a part of a “Family.'

Studio Owner OVERCOME

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