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Tiffany Henderson shares insight on managing your cash flow, including ways to optimize additional revenue streams and maximize profits from recital experiences. 

Plus, how to attract the right candidates and the necessary teaching tools to equip them for excelling in adapted dance classes.

About Tiffany Henderson

Tiffany Henderson, owner of seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in California, founded Twinkle Star Dance as a complete toolkit for studio owners that enables them to "plug" a recreational dance program into their existing studio without increasing their workload. Twinkle Star's mission is to help dance studio owners re-focus their efforts on the backbone of their studio—the recreational 2–6 year-old-dancers and the tricky 6–12 year-old beginners.

The Twinkle Star Method is comprised of four different modules for training preschool age dancers. Skill Building, Center Movement, Just for Fun, and Showtime. Skill Building, Center Movement, and Just For Fun videos provide actual class content. What goes into a 2-3 year-old Twinkle Babies class, for example. Showtime videos show recital choreography appropriate for the age group. With these Twinkle Star Method videos, a dance instructor who has never taught younger dancers can master the age group and confidently give an exciting and entertaining class that children love. These classes become the backbone of any studio, ensure growth, and provide a consistent program of advanced dancers that will flourish for decades. 

Twinkle Star is a proven success and Tiffany is behind it all. Her expertise comes from her experience from running seven Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations with over 2500 students and enrollment of over 4000. She produces four Nutcracker’s each December, a professional dance performance each year and her 300 performing company dancers participate in 4 convention competitions each season. She also still teaches 15 hours a week and produces 25 annual recitals during the first two weeks of June. She is a regular guest speaker at Dance Teacher Summit, DanceLife Conference, Danceteacherweb Conference and contributor to Dance Teacher magazine, and Dance Informa Magazine.

Studio Owner OVERCOME

Join us live for Studio Owner OVERCOME a two-day virtual conference experience presented by dance studio owner and industry leader, Tiffany Henderson, featuring intimate conversations with women business owners and experts. 

Network from the comfort of your home! Studio Owner OVERCOME is November 12-13, 2020 and contains Live Q+A with Expert Panelists, Business Sessions, and Inspirational Keynote.

Learn more:

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