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  • Amanda Scott

Increase dancer engagement and retention

Bring a fresh, exciting look to your preschool dance classes in the new season! 

Introducing the Twinkle Stars Kit and Showstars POP Kit - curated props for preschool and school-aged dancers designed to meet dancers at their appropriate age and stage. Created by dance industry expert, studio owner, teacher, and mom, Tiffany Henderson.

The Twinkle Stars Kit for ages 2-6 includes an adorable case, wand, tiara, and scarf. The Showstars POP Kit for ages 5-7 includes a dance case, pom poms, ribbon wand, and scarf. Twinkle Stars Kits help turn dance class into a sensory experience and keep dancers engaged in the studio and at home. Twinkle Star Dance affiliated studios receive wholesale pricing on the Twinkle Stars cases and props.


We know what works for your 2-6 year old dance program.

Twinkle Star Dance is a proven system, in current practice at hundreds of studios in diverse locations, and will absolutely work very well with your studio. No question. Implement the Twinkle Star Method and watch your studio's recruitment, enrollment and retention skyrocket.

Your teachers will love having these resources at their fingertips, and you will love what it does for your studio.

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